Sugar is thine enemy

For those of you that suffer in chronic pain, yes, the rumors are true. you need to eliminate sugar from your diet completely!

If you suffer from chronic pain day in and day out, you must eliminate sugar from your diet period! It’s not a matter of should I…It’s not a matter of when will I?

The answer is immediately and almost all of it in its entirety.  I am witness to the fact that sugar triggers arthritic pain and guess what I love?

For the love of sugar!

Guess who my first boyfriend was? Not really my boyfriend, of coarse…but I did grow up with a giant poster in my room…a giant poster of chocolate candy bars! It was given to me as a “gag/joke gift” but secretly I loved it!

I even envisioned a day where I could one day be in the Wonka World of Robynland. Who does that? I literally grew up having chocolate candy bar dreams every night so, it would make sense that of coarse, I have an allergy to sugar. and that’s really what is its. An allergy, I have an allergy to sugar…I react, I have a physical pain response when I eat sugar.

My reaction is an inflammatory, knife stabbing pain where you think you Arm is broken OR there is a knife stabbing you in your arm and in that very moment the pain is so intense that you want to die! Yep, I said it! You want to die!

Well, not literally but in that moment I would have sold my soul to anything, anyone just to be able to breath without feeling throbbing, aching, pain for just one second of my day. Since that is not possible I have had to find other alternatives.

Alternatives and trust me I have tried everything! I have rationed my chocolate out and counted down to only 3-2-1 and none a day. I have improved the quality of my chocolate and tried organic to fair-trade as if that would help? lol, I’m up for any cause…but really, I have gone darker with my chocolate 🙂 which of coarse I thought typically has less sugar which I have been able to tolerate much better If only I could be satisfied with a small piece.

Somehow that turns into 1 mini bar and then the whole bar comes into play and sooner than you know it your walking to the market for good old chocolate candy bars….Anything becomes a slippery slope with me in my experience so for me, it’s best to stay away.

The reason I tell you my stories about my pain is so that if you suffer in chronic or can relate in any way to suffering physically, I want you to know there is another way, an alternative. That by eliminating sugar you can and will feel physically better. I’m talking about taking a few baby steps, a few action orientated changes in your diet that will bring you relief from pain.

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