Listen For Gods Voice

The Bible records several instances in which God spoke to people in an audible voice. Yet God’s voice may not necessarily be audible. It may simply be a reinforcement of what he has said in His word. You might say this is the “gentle whisper” of God in the life of the believer today. Sadly, the noise in our lives can often drown out God’s voice. We don’t have the concentration to meditate on things of God because we are constantly listening to the TV, the radio, or doing all the talking ourselves. Yet God wants us to learn to be aggressive listeners. Many times you will hear His voice in your daily routines by spending time in prayer, meditating on his word and in fellowship with others. It is often hard to listen with open ears, an open mind, an open heart and an open bible. Today my bible opened up to a teaching tool, of which the first steps spoke to me. I hope and pray that we all can keep our ears open, have an open mind , an open heart and an open bible.

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