Hip Hip Hurray for Sprouts!

Sprouted whole grain vs whole grain = good for those with gluten intolerances and wins in flavor.

Remember this guy? The Jolly Green Giant’s buddy ‘lil sprout.

A cute little reminder of the past. Turns out sprouts our good for us!

Showing up more and more in super markets is sprouted-whole wheat flour. Made from wheat berries that have been soaked, the grain sprouts before being dried and ground into flour. It is often sought out for nutritional reasons: Sprouted grains make more vitamins, minerals, and the protein is easier to absorb. But how does it behave in recipes? Sprouted-wheat flour have fewer gluten-forming proteins than whole-wheat flour so the doughs and batters are slightly “wetter” than the original versions. When swapped out and used in a standard pizza dough recipe the pizza’s structure was noticeably affected. The sprouted-wheat version came out less airy and crisp, and ot necessarily in a good way. As for flavor, tasters found the sprouted versions sweeter and less bitter, preferring the sprouted-wheat sandwich bread to the whole-wheat original.

Bottom line? For a flavor that’s sweeter, less bitter and has a boost nutritionally, try sprouted-wheat flour for whole-wheat flour as an alternative.

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