Essential Oils Basics 101

Essential oils have been around since biblical times. We are all familiar with the story of the 3 magi’s on the pilgrimage each carrying gifts to present to baby Jesus. These 3 gifts all being equal suggest that frankincense and myrrh were just as valuable as gold. According to the gospel of Matthew these were standard gifts given to honor a king. Gold obviously a precious metal, frankincense a gift of incense or perfume, and myrrh often used as anointing oil. Certainly these gifts that traveled halfway across the world were good enough to bless Christ; essential oils begged for further investigation as to how I could incorporate them into my life.

In today’s times of health and wellness, more and more people are leaning towards a more holistic approach to diet and nutrition. This also includes the use of essential oils to replace the harsh chemicals often found in foods and in the everyday household products that we use daily. I know personally that I have worked very hard to clean up the food I eat it so would be irresponsible of me NOT to clean up the products I use on my hair, skin and face. Enter Young Living Essential Oils.

I was introduced to them over a year ago through my sister who is the family investigator. She did extensive research into the essential oils and determined that not all essential oils are created equal. It was recently explained to me using the simple analogy of milk….there is whole milk from the cow in its purest form. Also there are other variations of milk being low-fat, 2% and skim milk which are put through a pasteurizing process, adding and subtracting ingredients along the way. Essential oils brands are very similar. There is therapeutic grade oils such as Young Living all the way down to supermarket and drugstore brands which deplete and dilute oils making them less effective.

With Young Living they cultivate, grow and bottle their own oils while guaranteeing them to be of the upmost pure grade available. They refer to this as their “seed to seal” guarantee. I signed up to be a wholesale rep with them over a year ago, granted I was a full-time student with not a lot of excess time on my hands so the kit basically sat on a shelf in my closet. From time to time, I would open it up with curiosity only to put it back not knowing were to start and feeling overwhelmed like I needed a chemistry degree to merely open up the bottles. After a recent stay with my sister, I noticed her entire house was not only vegan but chemically free right down to the hand soap and sanitizer she would spray on her children. My curiosity was piqued and I set aside some time to “play” with my starter kit. Originally, I sprinkled some drops in my diffuser and the alluring aromas would fill my house. Once I felt brave and comfortable enough to experiment, I started asking real questions and googling “recipes.” I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the use of essential oils can be used for everything from pain management, to hair loss and even…ding,ding, ding…weight loss! I was definitely on board in a serious way!

Fast forward to today, I am slowly but surely replacing everything in my home from the designer shampoos and conditioners that promises luxurious locks full of harmful chemicals to replacing my all-purpose cleaning spray. I hope by reading this you will be inspired to clean up your home and rid yourself and your family of the harsh chemicals found in so many products we use daily. Start by trying to incorporate a few oils into your daily routine and you will notice a difference in how you feel, your mood and your overall feeling of wellness. We only have one life and it’s best to treat ourselves and our bodies to the most natural and healthiest lifestyle we can. The healthy we are the better, right?

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