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Garzambos or Bust!

My adventure with Garzambos, lets just say, didn’t turn out as I hoped! I think it might have been the whole Pressure Cooker turning out to be a Rice/Multi-cooker that threw me for a loop. I thought that when the Garbonzos were done, all the water would be all absorbed. So, I closed the lid […]


Grains, Grains, Grains, Garzambos?

Grains, Grains, Grains…We hear it everyday. But, what are grains and why should we be eating them? For me, I am trying to understand the ins and outs of grains is to find healthy alternatives to animal fat protein. I recently spent the holiday at my sister’s house which I was looking forward to not […]


Do Cheaters Ever Prosper?

I have always thought of “cheat days” as cheating. Well, it kinda is! At least by definition. We all know that cheating is cheating and cheating is not a good thing. So, cheating…bad. “Cheat day” bad, bad, bad! In addition to bad, bad, bad, I also associated cheating with “weakness”. Boom! Definitely no judgement there! […]