An Attitude of Gratitude

The other day, I was in a morning conversation with a friend and I noticed a tiny-shift in positivity…

The conversation led to our plans for the day and as the conversation was winding down, final “goodbyes” were said. Instead of saying “Have a nice day”…I said “Today, WILL be a great day!” Conversation over and my immediate thought…The day was set! It was affirmed. It was confirmed.  Today, was going to be a great day!

It instantly reminded me of some posts on facebook that I had read over the past few days. These posts were from a private group on facebook “inspiring potential”. No, that is NOT the name of the group – only the focus.

Every post began with…”Today, was hard!”…”What I overcome today, was HARD!” I kept seeing the word “Hard”, “Hard”, “Hard”! It got me thinking…If your saying it’s “Hard” are you not believing it’s “Hard”?.

Somehow, I was not in agreement! Maybe it was a personal?

I’m all about change – Finding your positive and Staying in your positive…But not so much that I’m Pollyanna Positive and think everything in life is “Perfect”

I know that things can seem difficult at times. We all struggle. We all have road blocks and obstacles in our way. Life can seem “Hard”.  

For me personally, I was done with the word “Hard!”. If I say it am I not labeling it? Affirming and confirming it to be true.

I had to change my approach…

One night while winding down, I was making my “to-do” list and planning the next day. Before I even got started, I began to transfer “unfulfilled” tasks from today’s list to tomorrow’s list.

My list became a list of things I didn’t do…things I needed to do…My focus began on unfulfilled tasks and things I had not accomplished.

Mid-list, my brain interrupted – “Hey wait”…it said…”You did stuff…I remember!” “Oh, yeah, I did!” I replied!

I stuck with that thought, continued the sentence and started a new list.

A list of accomplishments!

 It began with mundane tasks such as getting up and making the bed. Next, I started with household chores like washing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen etc. I then added errands I had completed. I remembered some important business details that needed to be tied-up that I tackled.

Most Important – I listed a long-awaited apology that I had made that day. How grateful I was to the person receiving the apology that it was received and accepted.

I felt an overwhelming sense of gratefulness.

My list turned into a great list! A list of great accomplishments and gratitude that now keeps me in place of accomplishments and gratitude.

If you are a “list-maker” – Start with a list of accomplishments and celebrate them!

Today will be a Great Day!

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