About Me

Meet Robyn

Robyn lives near Los Angeles with her beloved and trusted “assistant” Cleo the Cat. Robyn is passionate about helping others transform into a lifestyle that supports health and happiness. “I immersed myself in health and wellness education while taking a holistic approach to my lifestyle. I love  learning to cook good food that just happens to be healthy.” Cooking and controlling the food that goes into my body is the key to ensuring I never gain back the 258 lbs that I lost.” Robyn loves to cook and share her tips, recipes, and food with others. You will most likely find her in the kitchen utilizing her special gift for transforming “unhealthy” recipes into incredible food that “just happens to be healthy for you!”

“I grew up eating the “S.A.D.” Standard American Diet. Packaged and boxed foods were always part of the menu along with healthy doses of meat and potatoes. It’s not a big mystery as to why I got so big!”

Journey and Education

To look at me now, you would never know that I used to weigh almost 400lbs! I was morbidly obese, riddled with chronic pain and on 14 different medications. When I became pregnant, with my second child, my life derailed. Two weeks into the pregnancy, I was diagnosed with; severe rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.

I spent the next 3 years in bed, immobile, crawling on my hands and knees just to use the bathroom. Trust me, I know and understand chronic pain. There is nothing more debilitating than waking up and living in excrusiating pain day after day with no end in sight. Doctors were of no help. Despite a litany of medication, which only offered a temporary solution, they created a whole other host of side effects that were often much worse than the initial diagnosed illness. I knew that there had to be a better way…

8 years ago I was blessed to have weight loss surgery, gastric bypass to be exact. My weight loss surgery saved my life. My surgery forced me do what no other diet had ever done…change my eating habits. I recognized when I ate better, I felt better. I’m learning how to make great tasting food, that just happens to be healthy! I now manage my disease holistically by addressing the root cause. Losing weight is important, but a true transformation has to include the mental, physical and spiritual to ensure success.

As a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I have learned to use nutrition to achieve my personal wellness goals.  At the Institute we are educated in Bio-individuality; eating for ones unique body type and prioritizing daily self care to maximize health and healing. The incredible results of my transformation encouraged me to become a Certified Health Coach. I feel so inspired to help people heal themselves from the inside out and achieve their own personal health goals. Today, in addition to coaching clients, I am a proud ambassador for the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a writer, public speaker, a chef and a food educator.

With gratitude and grace,