Transformational 8 Week Coaching Program

Week 1 – Accountability – Laying the Foundation

  • Learn how to hold yourself accountable.
  • “Log your food, Log your mood” – Studies show
    that by the simple act of logging your food, you are 30% more likely to reach
    your weight loss goals. Learn to make the food/ mood connection.
  • Set Goals and learn to prioritize and set
    realistic goals creating long-lasting healthier habits.
  • Take measurements and weigh-in. Trust me on
    this…you will want this later.

Week 2 – All About food

  • Learn your “Food Language” and become a “Food Detective!”
  • Bring on the food! Learn your “Food Language” and how it relates to your current relationship with food. Here you will understand your food patterns and habits and learn how to make them work for you rather than against you.
  • As a “Food Detective” you will learn how to use food in a way that benefits your own personal health. You will create your personal list of “Danger Foods” and develop a library of foods you like that are tailored to your own personal food likes and dislikes. Yum!
  • You will also learn how to read labels and shop for things according to your dietary health needs.

Week 3 – Read it Out/Clean it Out & Let’s Shop

  • Now that you understand your “Food Language” and are a certified personal “Food Detective” you are ready to read your labels and clean out all the “Danger Foods.”
  •  Time to tackle your fridge and cupboards! Together we read labels, clean out and make way for the new!!!
  • What’s more fun than food shopping? Together we find out!!! You will get the up-front and personal guided tour through the market learning the nutritional and health benefits of fresh, whole and healthy foods .
  • You will learn all about organics, non-GMO’s and how to make healthier choices at the checkout.

Week 4 – Fun with Food/Let’s Cook

  • Learn how to make-over your favorite “Danger Food” dishes and turn them into quick, easy and healthy recipes you are sure to keep in your recipe box.
  • You will also learn the basics of meal planning and portion control

Week 5 – Crack the Cravings Code for Good!

  • Learn all about cravings. Why you have them, why you get them and more important is how to stop them.
  • By the time we are done, you will have cracked the code on your own personal cravings!

Week 6 – All Roads Lead Back to Food Irritants!!!

  • Learn the major food irritants and how they may be affecting you and your health.
  • Become an expert in Food Irritants – Sugar, Dairy, Wheat/ Gluten plus more!

Week 7 – Step it Up/ Slow it Down & Drink Up!

  • Sleep, Drink & Get Moving!
  • SLEEP! We all know we need it! Learn how to improve the quality of your sleep and how it directly relates to your appetite and how much you eat.
  • Together we will discuss ways to make quality sleep a mainstay in your life.
  • Develop your thirst and the importance of staying hydrated and the downfalls of dehydration.
  • Learn the importance of daily physical activity and how to best incorporate movement into your life.

Week 8 – Review and Reset

  • Together we go through your progress and review all your successes and discuss things learned throughout our 8 weeks together. We work through possible missteps, learning to progress and set future goals.
  • This is also my opportunity to make sure you are armed with the tools needed for a healthier life.