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Rokin' Recipes

Best Egg Salad Ever!!!

Robyn RoknipourRobyn Roknipour is an Author, Speaker and Educator. She is a Certified Health & Wellness  Coach, a Certified Bariatric Coach and a Transformational Pioneer. Robyn Roknipour is the owner of a private health coaching practice and founder of Transformations 258 and Her book, “Food, Body, Heal” scheduled for upcoming release shares her personal […]

Rokin' Recipes

Best Egg Salad Ever!!

Thinking back I think I started making this simple, 3 ingredient salad as far back as maybe 10 years old…So easy.. Boil Eggs Chop Add Mayo, Garlic Salt to taste and mix well Eat & enjoy I piled it on my daughter’s whole grain bread (not by choice) and made the perfect Egg Salad Sandwich. […]